The 2001 Tour was a short concert tour , which followed a few months after the end of the band's hugely successful Californication Tour. The 2001 tour was made up mostly of benefit shows and festivals which were scattered throughout the year starting in January and ending in December all while the band was in the process of writing and recording their next album, 2002's By the Way.

Tour DatesEdit


Performed Songs Edit

Song Times played Album
Yertle Trilogy ("Yertle the Turtle" + "Freaky Styley") 1 Freaky Styley (1985)
Me and My Friends 9 The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)
Skinny Sweaty Man 2
Higher Ground 5 Mother's Milk (1989)
Pretty Little Ditty 1
Fire 3
Blood Sugar Sex Magik 1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)
Give It Away 11
I Could Have Lied 9
If You Have to Ask 4
My Lovely Man 2
The Power of Equality 2
Sir Psycho Sexy 3
Suck My Kiss 2
They're Red Hot 3
Under the Bridge 9
Search and Destroy 2 "Give It Away" single (1991)
Soul to Squeeze 2 "Under the Bridge" single (1991)
Pea 5 One Hot Minute (1995)
Around the World 7 Californication (1999)
Californication 10
Easily 1
Emit Remmus 1
I Like Dirt 3
Otherside 10
Parallel Universe 7
Right on Time 10
Savior 1
Scar Tissue 9
Don't Forget Me 1 By the Way (2002)
Throw Away Your Television 1
Universally Speaking 6
Havana Affair 1 We're a Happy Family (2003)
Fortune Faded (demo version) 6 Greatest Hits (2003)
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